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Garage doors are a significant investment on your part. We at State Garage Doors believe in giving our customers high-quality products at reasonable prices. Our specialty garage doors can withstand harsh weather, vandals as well as the rigors of daily use. They need a minimum or maintenance and are very durable. They also simply look good.

A wide range of choices:

State Garage Doors Cicero, IN 317-622-6542We have a wide range of products to offer to our customers in Cicero, IN. We service both commercial as well as residential buildings and we have doors available to fit every need and price range. We offer simple, elegant wooden garage doors and tougher industrial garage doors for high frequency use. Our doors are weather proof, to a large extent, and you can expect to save a lot on your heating by using them.

We use only the best materials for the job. Our doors use high-quality accessories. You can expect high-quality extension and torsion springs and modern mechanisms like belt drives for your garage doors that don’t make a lot of noise. Our expert team can install a door that can keep functioning for years on end – we care about our product’s longevity.

Why choose us?

We believe in providing residents and business owners in Cicero with industry’s best products and services. We have a skilled team, abundant resources, and also have profound experience in dealing with all types of garage doors, whether it’s a roller garage door or a heavy steel garage door for industries.

We are a leading garage door company in Cicero, IN. We have a professional, dedicated team comprised of knowledgeable industry experts that have been installing doors for years. We also offer high quality products at reasonable prices.

Whether you want a roller garage door for your house or a heavy-duty steel garage door for your business, you can contact State Garage Doors. Apart from new installs, we also perform routine maintenance and repairs. We will also upgrade your old garage door mechanism and replace it with a modern one.